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All have two things in common, and those are Battlefield 4 and My crazy ass! made at least 20 people (confirmed) rage-quit the server i was in by slapping C4 on fast moving vehicles, tossing an ammo crate somewhere on there as well, and slamming it into an enemy vehicle or occupied building before jumping out and hitting the detonator, all the while listening to Edward Khil’s now infamous Performance of what is now called the Troll Song (listen to it, its awesome to screw with people while playing in the background or accompanying a video).

so here i am, running around a city block in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood with Yakety Sax (the chase song from the Benny Hill show) blaring from my computer, laughing my ass off for about a half hour. trolling AI is fun, but it’s even better when you have a funny as hell song to go with it!

Hi. My name is Robert, better known on XBOX LIVE as NMLB Demonlord. prepare to be trolled! (tosses C4 on jeep and drives off, laughing like a maniac)