The Magic Mountain Expedition

Hi Folks,

As many of you know this Saturday Shdwscout (my wife) and I went to Magic Mountain for a private party. Things did not go according to plan on numerous counts, but the big issue we encountered is a new park policy that purses cannot go on coasters and must be left unattended on open book shelves at the ride station.

We had planned this to be a combination Ingress and ride trip, thanks to this policy it ended up being nothing but Ingress. There is something about leaving my wife’s purse unattended and unguarded on an open bookcase, with several hundred dollars in technology in it, that just doesn’t work.

The park is large to the point that unless you are spending the entire day a locker is just not a good option. As this was an after hours private party it just wasn’t feasible. I ended up with about 75 unique hacks out of the trip, so it wasn’t a waste, but not nearly as fun as I was expecting.

BTW, we ordered the park offered meal……Never again. That is all.

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The new focus of this blog is PC gaming in general. What you will see here: Second Life, World of Warcraft, Civ 5, and Ingress.

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