Massive Flustration

Folks, this is not a good weekend morning. I had plans this weekend to divide time between Ingress and Warlords of Draenor. Frankly Ingress bizzaro portal world has been a pain as we have been laying off the usual attacks on blue portals, as we need them to maximize farming. That, combined with back-to-back-to-back health issues has taken me completely out of the game effectively for the last month. That ends and we now have what I understand is another 37 layer Hawaiian ┬ámega-field. I need to field. No point in even leaving the house if I can’t.

Meanwhile down south, Blizzard is in the midst of a total meltdown. I started trying to log in as soon as I got home and was met with what you see below. I never did get in. Don’t know if I will get in at all this weekend.

Guess I will be doing a lot of reading and TV watching this weekend. Remind me again why I pay for games and tech gadgets?

All is not well in Orange County…..

All is not well in Orange County.....

Up on the New Host at Last

Well the migration of this site is now complete. GoDaddy is not a company I personally would recommend for hosting given the obstacles they place in the way of moving sites, some of their policies, and definitely not their politics. That’s all over now I’m happy to say. Look for more Ingress content coming soon. SlashLonewolf out.