Adventures in Hacking: End of September

Hi Everyone,

As you all know I try to share what works, and what doesn’t, in my Ingress adventures. This week I want to share some details about a stretch of road that looks tempting and juicy on the Intel Map, but quickly becomes problematic when you get on it with any Ingress-related intent. The street in question is Pico Blvd. in West LA/Santa Monica between the 405 and the coast.

There are, by my count, around 60 portals on this fairly short stretch of road. Things start out routine, if a bit intense for drive hacking up by the 405. As you near the Santa Monica line things go down hill in a hurry and stay that way. Picture Hollywood Blvd. level portal density with no ability to park or pull out of traffic. The side streets are apartment filled residential and over-flowing with parked cars.

The drive hacking conditions are so bad that I am not certain that this road can be safely hacked or built by car any hour of the day or night.

I did drive hack Pico. It was far from a fun experience and had I known in advance how bad it was I would have gone elsewhere for my unique hacks. My sincere advice is to leave this street to the locals. It’s not worth the hassle or risk.

While I’m talking about last weekend I should mention Downtown Culver City. This is another portal-rich area with it’s own unique set of challenges. Here the main issue is the street grid. Try to follow Washington Blvd from Sepulveda to La Cienega, and you will quickly learn exactly what I mean.  Streets change direction at intersections with little to no warning.

For this area I would recommend late night and early morning hours. I did it in the evening, which was tolerable. Being a former resident of Mar Vista, I knew enough about the local street grid not to go into shock at the twisting of the streets.

If you do hack portals in this area, follow all the streets as a lot of the side streets are portal-rich in the immediate downtown area. Be sure to hit Culver in addition to Washington.

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