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Massive Flustration

Folks, this is not a good weekend morning. I had plans this weekend to divide time between Ingress and Warlords of Draenor. Frankly Ingress bizzaro portal world has been a pain as we have been laying off the usual attacks on blue portals, as we need them to maximize farming. That, combined with back-to-back-to-back health issues has taken me completely out of the game effectively for the last month. That ends and we now have what I understand is another 37 layer Hawaiian ┬ámega-field. I need to field. No point in even leaving the house if I can’t.

Meanwhile down south, Blizzard is in the midst of a total meltdown. I started trying to log in as soon as I got home and was met with what you see below. I never did get in. Don’t know if I will get in at all this weekend.

Guess I will be doing a lot of reading and TV watching this weekend. Remind me again why I pay for games and tech gadgets?

All is not well in Orange County…..

All is not well in Orange County.....