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Balance new projects with present duties: Weekly influences for August 17th, 2015

Two of Coins, Magician, Reversed Nine of Batons

Week of August 17, 2015


Two of Coins

The Magician

Nine of Batons (reversed)



Balance. Caution. Due diligence: All of these things are necessary when starting a new project, whether it’s by yourself or with others.

This week, obstacles will affect your ability to balance new tasks with present duties. The two of coins tells us that new projects are the theme of the week, from universities beginning classes, to children heading back to school, to parents finally having the time to initiate their own projects. The attic awaits…

While the Magician is in the zone and actively creating their new reality, they are influenced by the obstacles and cautions represented in the Two of Coins and reversed Nine of Batons. The Magician is marshaling all of their resources for their new venture, their work begins to consume their focus completely. A brilliant creator can do great things, but needs to remember to balance current and new ventures.

Partners experiencing health issues, delays, situations that create new troubles and disaster are possible. The delicate balance that was achieved could fail, delaying everything, not simply the latest venture.

How do we overcome this?

Due diligence: proper research and evaluation with a sprinkling of caution, combined with the creativity and flexibility that you possess will aid you. Rushing in to a new project with all enthusiasm, without balancing the rest of your duties, is not the answer. Discipline, patience, and self-control will win the week for you.

Realistic time tables and workloads, from a management perspective, will prevent the disasters and delays cautioned against in the reversed Nine of Wands. Expect and plan for obstacles, take into consideration those of your team who are pointing out possible problems. Dismiss their input at your peril.

Until next week.

August 2015 Monthly Reading- Don’t get stuck!

Monthly Reading for August: Tarot influences: August 2015

We’re into the 8th month of the year here in my area of the country, and summer manifests itself as hot, muggy, with the occasional monsoonal flow that teases us with the promise of a thunderstorm.

August is a month of transition here, where families are preparing to send children back to school. It’s the last month of summer vacation. People are preparing to re-enter “the grind” of day to day work in the cities.

Where I grew up, August is traditionally when harvest started, and my friends who were lucky enough to live in the country on farms had the chore of helping out from dawn to dusk-before and after school.

What can we look forward to this month? What must we guard against?

Tower reversed, Six of Coins, Knight of Coins

Influences for the month of August, 2015.


The Tower: reversed

The Six of Coins

The Knight of Coins



Change is frightening. It’s terrifying, especially when it’s sudden and catastrophic change that is the usual warning of the Tower card. However, in this aspect, the Tower warns against stagnation: It is very easy to slide back into the old routines after a summer of change and new directions.

Be sure that you are not acting according to old patterns which have left you stuck in an unhappy situation in the past. Make the changes that you need, and make sure that they are effective and worthwhile.

Enjoy your success. Be generous, be philanthropic. Many charities begin their pre-holiday drives this time of year. Try volunteering time instead of donating money. Don’t get stuck in a complacent pattern!  Clear your desk and task list for a fresh start into the Fall season.

Organization and capability are the key to this.  A thoughtful and dependable person can help you guard against uncertainty, and assist you in concluding projects and tasks which were left hanging over the summer, so that you’re not stuck dealing with them into the Autumn season.

Be well.