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Balance new projects with present duties: Weekly influences for August 17th, 2015

Two of Coins, Magician, Reversed Nine of Batons

Week of August 17, 2015


Two of Coins

The Magician

Nine of Batons (reversed)



Balance. Caution. Due diligence: All of these things are necessary when starting a new project, whether it’s by yourself or with others.

This week, obstacles will affect your ability to balance new tasks with present duties. The two of coins tells us that new projects are the theme of the week, from universities beginning classes, to children heading back to school, to parents finally having the time to initiate their own projects. The attic awaits…

While the Magician is in the zone and actively creating their new reality, they are influenced by the obstacles and cautions represented in the Two of Coins and reversed Nine of Batons. The Magician is marshaling all of their resources for their new venture, their work begins to consume their focus completely. A brilliant creator can do great things, but needs to remember to balance current and new ventures.

Partners experiencing health issues, delays, situations that create new troubles and disaster are possible. The delicate balance that was achieved could fail, delaying everything, not simply the latest venture.

How do we overcome this?

Due diligence: proper research and evaluation with a sprinkling of caution, combined with the creativity and flexibility that you possess will aid you. Rushing in to a new project with all enthusiasm, without balancing the rest of your duties, is not the answer. Discipline, patience, and self-control will win the week for you.

Realistic time tables and workloads, from a management perspective, will prevent the disasters and delays cautioned against in the reversed Nine of Wands. Expect and plan for obstacles, take into consideration those of your team who are pointing out possible problems. Dismiss their input at your peril.

Until next week.

August 2015 Monthly Reading- Don’t get stuck!

Monthly Reading for August: Tarot influences: August 2015

We’re into the 8th month of the year here in my area of the country, and summer manifests itself as hot, muggy, with the occasional monsoonal flow that teases us with the promise of a thunderstorm.

August is a month of transition here, where families are preparing to send children back to school. It’s the last month of summer vacation. People are preparing to re-enter “the grind” of day to day work in the cities.

Where I grew up, August is traditionally when harvest started, and my friends who were lucky enough to live in the country on farms had the chore of helping out from dawn to dusk-before and after school.

What can we look forward to this month? What must we guard against?

Tower reversed, Six of Coins, Knight of Coins

Influences for the month of August, 2015.


The Tower: reversed

The Six of Coins

The Knight of Coins



Change is frightening. It’s terrifying, especially when it’s sudden and catastrophic change that is the usual warning of the Tower card. However, in this aspect, the Tower warns against stagnation: It is very easy to slide back into the old routines after a summer of change and new directions.

Be sure that you are not acting according to old patterns which have left you stuck in an unhappy situation in the past. Make the changes that you need, and make sure that they are effective and worthwhile.

Enjoy your success. Be generous, be philanthropic. Many charities begin their pre-holiday drives this time of year. Try volunteering time instead of donating money. Don’t get stuck in a complacent pattern!  Clear your desk and task list for a fresh start into the Fall season.

Organization and capability are the key to this.  A thoughtful and dependable person can help you guard against uncertainty, and assist you in concluding projects and tasks which were left hanging over the summer, so that you’re not stuck dealing with them into the Autumn season.

Be well.

March 30, 2015 Daily Influences: Happily guard your health

Happily guard your health.

Daily influences for March 30, 2015

Ten of Cups

Eight of Cups (Reversed)

Strength (Reversed)


Happiness and a felicitous family life at home are two keys to maintaining good health, whether you are a family of four or of two.


Let sustained effort result in a good harvest and feasting, but take care! You don’t want to imbibe too much.  Not everyone has a cast-iron stomach with the strength to contain everything.


Indifference to the physical condition, succumbing to the temptations, weakness.. these can lead to ill health. However, tyrannically following too strict a diet, abuse, and other factors can also be very damaging.


Know yourself. Know your weaknesses, and your strengths.  Be balanced, vigilant.


The key to your future is, as always, in your actions.


Treachery takes many forms: Daily influences for Monday, February 9, 2015.

february 9, 2015Three of Batons (Reversed)

The Universe

Eight of Swords (Reversed)



Treachery.  It takes many forms, from the blatant lies of a person trying to persuade their friend that the reasons for their divorce are just, to the offers of help from one whom you know that strings are always attached.

This is today- fulfillment, the culmination of effort, success and the completion of tasks.  This is what is, in the face of past treachery, accidents, fatality, and other possible perils that make up our lives.

Would you know more?

Reading taken during the Hour of the Moon, February 9, 2015.


Illumination: Daily Influences for February 4, 2015

While gossip and deceptive messages may be present, liberation,  illumination and proper authority are restored today.

Page of Batons (Reversed)
The Sun
King of Swords



Trusted advice may turn to gossip and bad tidings today, as the wheel turns toward Illumination.   “Don’t be breaking my heart” might be a rule to follow in your communications.  Maintaining clarity is important!  Remember that words *do* hurt.

The light of the sun- Helios- illuminates all, brightening, clarifying, and offering liberation from the darkness of winter.  Spirits are high and simple pleasures abound, with a taste of contentment and accomplishment.  Congratulations- half of Winter is over! You have come far.  Let the light of Winter’s turning point provide illumination for the coming Spring.

Disorder and indecision of the past few days give way to a determined force-active, experienced, and professional.  Be competent, commanding, and outstanding in your field, allowing new ideas to surface and acting on them in a fair and just manner.

Reading performed in the Hour of Mercury, February 4, 2015

Daily Influences for February 2, 2015: Tyrants


Ace of Swords (Reversed)
Knight of Batons
Ace of Coins



Over-controlling people can be odious tyrants, bleeding dry the enthusiasm and drive of those around and under them.  It’s difficult to get anything useful done unless the course of action, which they decide, is followed.  Tempers flare, and situations surrounding them can turn into an embarrassment-kind of like the deflate-gate scandal this past week, and the post-game brawl at yesterday’s Superbowl.


Breaking free of such an environment and removing yourself from the situation can help restore sanity.   Sometimes it’s better to run with the ball when they tell you to throw it.  A short journey, change of workspace or even residence might prove to be a benefit.


Using your resources carefully can help you get the best out of such a situation, and you might even see more prosperity than before.   The choice, as always, is your own.


Taken during the Hour of the Moon, February 2nd, 2015.

Impulsiveness: Daily Influences for January 31, 2015

jan312015The Magician (Reversed)

Knight of Cups

Eight of Batons



Today, one might awaken, wondering “Where did my brain go, and why wasn’t I invited?”.  Assimilating new information may be difficult, and one might find oneself wondering which way to go.


Even with this, however, there’s a chance for someone to come into your life bearing news of a proposal, venture, or opportunity that seems perfect for you- if you act immediately.


Beware of allies encouraging you to move too quickly. The influences of the day encourage well-thought action.  Remember that feeling that your brain might have taken a vacation? Beware of hasty and impulsive deals.

Reading performed during the Hour of Venus, Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Rest, and listen: Daily Influences for Friday, Jan. 30

Friday comes, and rest follows.


rest and listen

Four of Swords

Page of Batons

Ace of Batons (Reversed)


Once again, the week’s cycled around to rest and relaxation, with important news in the offing from a level-headed messenger.  Trust in your instincts to rest and recuperate as your weekend begins.

It’s no secret that bad news is released by official channels on Fridays.  Listen carefully and thoughtfully to what you hear from others.  Be aware of the agenda behind the ones releasing or spreading the information that you hear, and file it away accordingly.

Take caution – false starts are a distinct possibility, and plans may go awry.  Preparation and looking at all angles before a project is launched can avert this, but do not let fact gathering turn into indecision.

Reading taken during the Hour of Venus, Friday, January 30, 2015.

Overcome Inaction: January 29, 2015

Overcome: Jan. 29, 2015

Five of Coins (Reversed)
The Empress (Reversed)
Six of Cups



Today, reversals are highlighted.  Those projects that you might have, which are stuck or delayed, will be easier to move forward today.  People around you might take a new interest in these, and financial issues which have been a bane have a chance to improve.  Take action!

Be wary of your words, however. The element of disruption continues form yesterday in the form of domestic squabbles.  Think before you speak, and communicate clearly.

Taking action to overcome vacillation will move you forward toward your goals. Do you have decisions waiting on facts?  Gather the information that you need, and act!  Be faithful to your goals and dreams.

Today’s a day that many may find reminds them of some point in their past.  Childhood memories and other nostalgic things well up from some point in the past.  Turn these over in your mind-what can they teach you now? Is it time to let them go and forge new patterns?

Do these things stand in between you and your goals?

Reading performed during the Hour of the Moon.

Push forward: January 28, 2015

Miracles are possible, if you follow your own path and don’t pay that much heed to the words of others.

January 28

The Magician
The Empress (Reversed)
The Heirophant (Reversed)



Do not think that the world works this way normally. Today’s influences are unique, to say the least.

If you’re striving against overweening and constricting authority, and burdened with advice that is not helpful, today you may be able to shake it all off, push forward, and accomplish your goal.  Spontaneity and flexibility are going to be necessary to get the job done.

Consider, though, whether or not you should do so.  Taking your motivations and desires into account, as well as those of the people from whom you seek advice, is important.  Watch for inaction, vacillation, anxiety and indecision.

Too much unconventional thinking can leave you vulnerable to being overly generous, when assets are better held until after the smoke clears.

Push forward, but with care!

Reading performed during the Hour of Mercury, January 28, 2015.