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Deception: Sometimes, Tuesdays are weirder than Mondays – Daily Influences for Feb. 3, 2015

Sometimes, Tuesdays are weirder than Mondays.

February 3 2015

Five of Cups
Ten of Swords (Reversed)
Queen of Cups (Reversed)



How does one benefit when a partnership is not solid, and something is missing?  What is friendship without meaning, or a marriage without real love? Searching constantly for the flaws and imperfections in a relationship means nothing if you do not intend to work toward fixing them.  Partnership takes the actions of yourself and another.  The other person is never solely at fault.

Gains and profits revealed today may prove to be temporary. Don’t assume that wildly advantageous circumstances will last, or are even the true reality. There is improvement, but success is passing, fleeting, and the foundation is not stable.

Guard yourself against the deception and vices of others, and guard yourself against the deception and vices which you possess.  Unreliability and dishonesty are qualities which we all carry within ourselves, and the one who presents themselves as a paragon of virtue will be proven false.

Reading performed during the Hour of Mars, February 3, 2015.