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I am now listing my emailed pdf, non-Skype readings on, which is a new metaphysical marketplace that opened in response to Etsy’s purge of non-Christian, spiritual suppliers.

My current listings are:

This is for my 15 card spread, detailing the circumstances of a situation (or person) and influences over a situation (or person) through time.

This is for a quick, 3-card reading, on one question.


Technical difficulties

My apologies for the incomplete post and the lack of posting the past couple of days.  We had some technical issues which, thankfully, have been recovered from.

Corrections to past posts and the backlog will be cleared soon!


Daily Tarot Influences for Feb 11, 2015.


Recognition: Daily Influences for February 10, 2015

Rise, and be bold in your accomplishments!

Daily Influences for Feb 10, 2015

Ten of Coins
Five of Cups
The Emperor



Wealth, prosperity, and possible promotion or recognition from higher ups are seen in today’s influences.

Be recognized for your achievements and hard work!  Reap the rewards of your efforts.  Wealth and acknowledgement comes to you, but it’s up to you to be a careful steward of that which you have earned.

Fickle partnerships where one person takes the credit not due to them are undesirable.  Don’t be afraid to speak up, and document, document, document your work!

Recognition is important. Make sure you’re receiving it for all of the right reasons, and none of the wrong ones.  Give credit and accolades where they are due.

Reading performed during the Hour of Saturn, Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

Saturday, February 7, 2015.


Justice (Reversed)

The Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)



Today’s influences highlight great change, the exposure of injustice, and the forces of Fortune turning-in this case, downward? Or, perhaps, upward?

It could be a big news day.

Time will tell.


Reading taken during the Hour of Saturn, February 7, 2015.

The pre-Valentine’s day tension begins….

The pre-Valentine’s day tension begins….


Five of Swords
Seven of Coins
The Lovers (Reversed)



It’s that time of year for the pre-Valentine’s day tension, stress, and breakup- where consumers are told that their love is tested by what they purchase.
Indications for today’s influences can be boiled down to the fact that money doesn’t buy lasting love.

Watch for dishonor, cheating, miscommunication, and defeat with regard to your goals. However, you’ll have wealth left over at the end of the fight.

Careful planning, truly knowing your partners and yourself, and clear communication, honesty, and forthrightness will mitigate the detrimental influences of the day.

Reading performed during the Hour of Venus, February 6, 2015.

Daily Influences for February 5, 2015

feb 5 2015

Queen of Batons

The Empress

Four of Coins



Prosperity, abundance, and the Mother’s gift of love and life influence the day today, but be wary of tendencies to hoard and be miserly.


Reading performed during the Hour of Saturn, February 5, 2015.