Ethical Boundaries

A divinatory code of ethics

Below is the code of ethics which I abide by when performing divination:


  • All readings are confidential between myself and my client.
  • Email addresses and other personal information will not be disclosed, sold, or made public.

Rate Structure

  • My rate structure is posted publicly on  Readings for Further Insight.
  • The most recent update to my rate structure supersedes all previous updates.
  • If a client has ordered a reading and prices are raised in between the time of ordering and the date of the reading, the rate that applies is what was in force when the reading is ordered.


  • If a client wishes to halt a reading, that request will be honored immediately.
  • I offer insight into the influences and factors surrounding a person at one point in time, and where that may lead.
  • My readings are not to be taken as medical or legal advice. If you have a mental or physical health issue, go see an appropriately trained professional.  If you have a legal fight, you need an attorney.
  • The true course of your life lies with the actions that you take and the decisions that you make.
  • The future is changeable by your actions.