March 30, 2015 Daily Influences: Happily guard your health

Happily guard your health.

Daily influences for March 30, 2015

Ten of Cups

Eight of Cups (Reversed)

Strength (Reversed)


Happiness and a felicitous family life at home are two keys to maintaining good health, whether you are a family of four or of two.


Let sustained effort result in a good harvest and feasting, but take care! You don’t want to imbibe too much.  Not everyone has a cast-iron stomach with the strength to contain everything.


Indifference to the physical condition, succumbing to the temptations, weakness.. these can lead to ill health. However, tyrannically following too strict a diet, abuse, and other factors can also be very damaging.


Know yourself. Know your weaknesses, and your strengths.  Be balanced, vigilant.


The key to your future is, as always, in your actions.


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